Blue Mo-Fi Powered Hi-Fi Headphones: Review

Blue, a company best known for its microphone products, has finally made the leap into the increasingly popular headphone market. And instead of going the standard fare route, the Blue Mo-Fi is aimed at disrupting the high end of the market. Various vendors offer amplifiers which aim to boost the quality of the compressed music files being played on smartphones and MP3 players. But the Mo-Fi builds that technology directly into the headphones.

The results are, in a word, striking. When in standard mode, the Mo-Fi sounds like just another pristine set of $349 headphones (that’s not an insult). But with the enhancement turned on, suddenly the audio experience jumps to being best in class. It’s the kind of boost that makes you want to go back and listen to your favorite albums again to see what you’ve been missing.

That bit of magic requires a built in battery which lasts up to twelve hours and has to be recharged. But the key here is that when the battery is dead, the Mo-Fi can continue to be used in standard mode – which again, sounds plenty fantastic in its own right.

As much as the Mo-Fi is defined by its audio enhancement mechanisms, it’s also defined by its physical design. These are large headphones, and I’m not just referring to cup size, which are conveniently oval shaped and fit your ears better than large circular competitors. But the entire construction of the headphones is on the large side, from the adjustable-tension headband on down.

I won’t go so far as to use the word bulky, but these headphones are on the heavy side and I’d rather use at home than try wearing while going for a casual walk. At this price point, you only want to be buying one set of headphones – so I’d (strongly) recommend the Mo-Fi to people who primarily want to use their headphones with their mobile device while at home. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is Editor in Chief of Beatweek Magazine. His editorial contributions include interviews with musicians and iPhone industry coverage.

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