ibattz Mojo Battstation Optimus 20400 mAh USB battery: Review

Increasing reliance on mobile devices means ever more focus on keeping them recharged, but what happens when a user can’t find access to a power outlet as needed, and pocket sized portable batteries aren’t enough? That’s the scenario which the Mojo Battstation Optimus from ibattz attempts to solve. It’s an oversized battery brick about five inches by three inches, and less than an inch tall, which delivers a whopping 20400 mAh of battery power through a pair of USB ports. In layman’s terms, that’s roughly enough power to fully recharge an iPhone 5S thirteen times.

While that’s good news for those lonely users who plan to go camping off the grid for the next two weeks, the Battstation Optimus is also aimed at those who have multiple devices and are looking to keep them all powered while on the go. Hence it has a pair of USB ports allowing two devices to be charged at a time. In my tests I tried everything from an iPhone to an iPad to a Kindle Fire and found that they were all compatible, and simultaneously so, each using their own existing charging cables.

The $129 price tag initially sounds eye popping for a backup battery. But with the typical iPhone battery case costing around $50-$100 and offering an average of 2000 mAh of power, and the typical pocket sized external battery costing around $40-$60 and offering an average of around 5000 mAh, the $129 price for the 204000 mAh Battstation Optimus ends up sounding like a value – provided you’re actually going to use that much recharging power in between times that you expect to charge the Optimus back up.

There are some additional niceties here as well. Although the growing inclusion of built in flashlights on smartphones may make the feature somewhat superfluous, the inclusion of a built in flashlight can’t hurt – particularly for those who are indeed planning to take the Optimus camping. The only thing I can knock this product for is the fact that it offers one 2.1 Amp port and one 1.0 Amp port, meaning one device will recharge quickly while the other will recharge more slowly, at a time when various competing dual-port charging products are offering 2.1 Amps out of both ports. But that’s only a factor when you’re in a hurry two charge two devices at once.

Overall the Battstation Optimus is plenty recommendable to the most power-hungry of mobile users, and lends itself to users of every mobile platform.

Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is Editor in Chief of Beatweek Magazine. His editorial contributions include interviews with musicians and iPhone industry coverage.

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