iFrogz Tadpole keychain bluetooth speaker: Review

First portable storage shrunk so much in size as to be able to fit on your keychain, and now iFrogz is attempting to do the same for wireless speakers. The Tadpole is a wireless speaker the size of a key fob, which can be added to your keychain without adding serious weight or bulk, and at $19 it won’t heavily impact your budget. But can the tadpole deliver sufficient audio quality to find its place as a relevant accessory?

That answer depends in part on what device you’re planning to use the it with, and how strong that device’s speakers are to begin with. For instance the Tadpole only sounds about fifty percent better than the speakers built into my iPhone 5S, calling into question whether I would want to carry around an external speaker that only represents a fractional improvement. But for someone who owns a device with lower quality built in speakers, such as an old iPhone 3GS or a bargain bin Android phone for instance, the audio output of the Tadpole represents a head and shoulders improvement.

The Tadpole offers three hours of battery life, less than what typically comes with full-size full-price bluetooth speakers, but that’s plenty of power for spot usage. In fact this product is essentially a compromise all around. But when it comes to a product this tiny and inexpensive, it’s difficult to complain about its features; it’s really just a matter of whether or not a given user will find it useful – and it’ll fill a handy niche for some.

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