Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones: Review

Headphone makers typically struggle with just how much or little bass to include the audio mix of their products, whether to build in noise canceling technology, and other issues of user preference. With its Custom One Pro, Beyerdynamic eschews the notion of guessing what users want and instead makes it all customizable.

That means a bass slider which allows users to adjust the bass ratio to suit their ears or to suit whatever genre of music they’re listening to at any given time. It also means a slider to adjust the level of background noise reduction by degrees, as opposed to active noise canceling headphones which only offer and on/off switch.

All that customization comes with a price. The Custom One Pro clocks in at $299, and while its audio output is appealing, there are strong and slightly more impresive competing options at the same price point. But Beyerdynamic has carved out a niche here for those who want to be in control of their audio experience.

Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is Editor in Chief of Beatweek Magazine. His editorial contributions include interviews with musicians and iPhone industry coverage.

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