Review: V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones

At a time when three hundred dollar headphone products are increasingly endorsed by popular musicians who had little to do with their creation, V-MODA follows a different path. The company was founded by Val Kolton, an international DJ who’s about as hands-on with his products as you can get, which helps explain why a product like the Crossfade M-100 sounds like it does. More than a year ago we were given a hands on demo of an unfinished M-100 which already sounded better than any other $299 headphones on the market. So it’s not a surprise that the finalized version jumps straight to the top of the heap in its price range.

V-MODA has always nailed the lower ranges in its audio products, going back to its earliest earbud products years ago, with its perfect bass lines pairing up with mids and highs which were varying degrees of above average, always making for a satisfying listen. But the Crossfade M-100 is the first V-MODA product we’ve tested in which the mid and treble ranges are just as perfect as the bass. Trying these headphones with every genre of music, at every volume level, we’re simply unable to come up with any flaws or weaknesses in the audio experience. In other words, after years of inching closer to audible perfection, the company has finally and squarely nailed it.

The over-ear headphone design is large but not too large, complete with the company’s trademark hexagonal cup design, metal hinges, and heavily padded headband. V-MODA’s initial plan to only offer the Crossfade M-100 with an Android-favoring single button cable, which would have been a dealbreaker for most iPhone users who have been accustomed to having volume buttons on their cables for years, has since been revised to include an optional three button cable in a way which makes users of all platforms happy. That means the one criticism we initially expected to have of the M-100 has been erased, and we’re left to merely refer to it as a perfect product.

The Crossfade M-100 comes in base colors matte black, shadow (glossy black with red trim), and white-silver. Custom options on the V-MODA website include eleven different shield colors along with logo and text engraving.

Rating: 5 stars out of 5 • Price: $299 •

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