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IK Multimedia iLoud bluetooth wireless portable speaker: Review


Some portable speakers are known for being thin, light, or svelte. The iLoud from IK Multimedia is known for, well, its loudness. It’s the kind of portable bluetooth speaker whose audio power is more typically reserved for desktop systems, but here it’s packed into a mid sized single-unit design with a ten hour battery life. iLoud isn’t the kind of ... Read More »

Just Mobile AluCable, AluCable Twist, AluCable Mini: Review

Charging cables are just charging cables, right? Not in the eyes of Just Mobile, the company whose mission is to create aluminum accessories for devices like the iPhone and iPad which fit stylistically with Apple’s own elegance. The company’s latest attempt comes in the form of the AluCable lineup of Lightning charging cables, which feature elliptically shaped aluminum connectors on ... Read More »

Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable external hard drive: Review

Portable hard drives usually conjure up the notion of having to sacrifice storage capacity or speed in order to be viable on the go. But Seagate set out to smash that notion with the Backup Plus Fast, a portable drive which offers up to four terabytes, doesn’t require a power cable, and offers high end transfer speeds to boot. Not ... Read More »

Soundmatters foxL DASH7 Bluetooth Speaker: Review

The orignal foxL was a breakthrough in the portable wireless speaker market, with Soundmatters offering a candy bar style unit which sounded impossibly good for its size. But when it came to that size, it was closer to a king sized candy bar. So with its new DASH7, Soundmatters puts the foxL on a diet: it’s now roughly half as ... Read More »

SuperTooth Melody Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Review

Bluetooth wireless headphones are growing steadily in popularity as more users look to cut the cord, but finding quality wireless headphones beneath the hundred dollar mark remains tricky. SuperTooth attempts rarefied air with its Melody, a bluetooth headphone product which costs barely half that much. The Melody is a straightforward product: its no frills design comes in a choice of ... Read More »

iFrogz Tadpole keychain bluetooth speaker: Review

First portable storage shrunk so much in size as to be able to fit on your keychain, and now iFrogz is attempting to do the same for wireless speakers. The Tadpole is a wireless speaker the size of a key fob, which can be added to your keychain without adding serious weight or bulk, and at $19 it won’t heavily ... Read More »

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Headphones: Review

Headphone makers typically struggle with just how much or little bass to include the audio mix of their products, whether to build in noise canceling technology, and other issues of user preference. With its Custom One Pro, Beyerdynamic eschews the notion of guessing what users want and instead makes it all customizable. That means a bass slider which allows users ... Read More »

Belkin Charge and Sync Dock: Review

iPhone docks have long aimed to please those users who want their iPhone upright with its screen visible while it’s connected to their computer. Over the years, some such products have been more adept at others. Belkin’s new aptly named Charge and Sync Dock takes an approach that’s simultaneously low profile and high gloss. The center Lightning port offers compatibility ... Read More »

Prong PocketPlug for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5: Review

The biggest drawback to keeping your iPhone in a case is that it can impede your ability to recharge it, from blocking the charging port to getting in the way of being docked. Prong’s PocketPlug tries to turn that notion on its head by building retractable electrical outlet prongs into the rear of the case, meaning that not only do ... Read More »

Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth Speakers: Review

Edifier is known for coming up with uniquely shaped speaker systems, and the e25 Luna Eclipse is no exception. This dual piece stereo system offers a pair of units which when viewed from the side look vaguely like the moon in the early moments of a lunar eclipse, with just a sliver blocked out. From the front they’re more narrow ... Read More »

Westinghouse Unplug Wireless Bluetooth Sound System: Review

If the bluetooth wireless speaker market is growing increasingly crowded as 2013 progresses, then the subset of bluetooth speakers which are portable and run on battery power is approaching outright saturation. That places the Unplug Wireless Bluetooth Sound System from Westinghouse in a tricky position: in a vacuum it would be considered an impressive product in its own right. The ... Read More »