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Braven BRV-BANK Portable Backup Battery: Review


Portable backup batteries are quickly becoming commoditized, but Braven is trying to fight back against that trend by giving the BRV-BANK a feature set which most wouldn’t have imagined for such a product. The premise behind the standard backup battery is that it comes with a USB port or two, connects to your smartphones and tablets via their own charging ... Read More »

Blue Mo-Fi Powered Hi-Fi Headphones: Review


Blue, a company best known for its microphone products, has finally made the leap into the increasingly popular headphone market. And instead of going the standard fare route, the Blue Mo-Fi is aimed at disrupting the high end of the market. Various vendors offer amplifiers which aim to boost the quality of the compressed music files being played on smartphones ... Read More »

Braven 710 Bluetooth Speaker: Review


The Braven 710 is the latest attempt by the tech industry to push the limits of sonic quality over bluetooth wireless frequencies within a small package. The product is cased in aluminum and tries to stand out with metallic color choices like gold and blue and silver, but what ultimately stands out is its audio quality – even at higher ... Read More »

PowerSkin Pop’n 2 Battery Pack for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Review


Battery cases are built on the idea that if you make a case just a bit heftier than normal, you can squeeze an extra battery in there which will recharge your iPhone while you’re using it. But this requires you to use the battery case instead of your favorite case. PowerSkin aims to split the difference with its PoP’n 2 ... Read More »

Boom Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker: Review


The rise of bluetooth wireless speakers means that users can listen to the audio from their smartphone or tablet in environments where taking the device itself wouldn’t be practical. Naturally, that trend has spread to waterproof speakers. The Boom Swimmer isn’t the first to tackle this concept, but it does take a unique approach to the matter. Rather than assuming ... Read More »

IK Multimedia iLoud bluetooth wireless portable speaker: Review


Some portable speakers are known for being thin, light, or svelte. The iLoud from IK Multimedia is known for, well, its loudness. It’s the kind of portable bluetooth speaker whose audio power is more typically reserved for desktop systems, but here it’s packed into a mid sized single-unit design with a ten hour battery life. iLoud isn’t the kind of ... Read More »

Just Mobile AluCable, AluCable Twist, AluCable Mini: Review

Charging cables are just charging cables, right? Not in the eyes of Just Mobile, the company whose mission is to create aluminum accessories for devices like the iPhone and iPad which fit stylistically with Apple’s own elegance. The company’s latest attempt comes in the form of the AluCable lineup of Lightning charging cables, which feature elliptically shaped aluminum connectors on ... Read More »

Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable external hard drive: Review

Portable hard drives usually conjure up the notion of having to sacrifice storage capacity or speed in order to be viable on the go. But Seagate set out to smash that notion with the Backup Plus Fast, a portable drive which offers up to four terabytes, doesn’t require a power cable, and offers high end transfer speeds to boot. Not ... Read More »

Soundmatters foxL DASH7 Bluetooth Speaker: Review

The orignal foxL was a breakthrough in the portable wireless speaker market, with Soundmatters offering a candy bar style unit which sounded impossibly good for its size. But when it came to that size, it was closer to a king sized candy bar. So with its new DASH7, Soundmatters puts the foxL on a diet: it’s now roughly half as ... Read More »