Beatweek Magazine issue #64: Lifehouse, Elliott Yamin, Daniel Merriweather, Riddim Ribbon, Elán, Laptop stands, iPod nano cases and more

After spending the past decade cranking out hit songs, Lifehouse is at it again with today’s release of Smoke & Mirrors – and we’ve got the interview. We also talk with rising soul singer Daniel Merriweather, American Idol veteran Elliott Yamin, and Latin pop star Elán.

On the tech side we get hands-on with some new iPod nano cases, a bunch of laptop stands, and five new iPhone apps including the highly anticipated Riddim Ribbon app based on the music of The Black Eyed Peas (and just for fun we’ve also included our interview with The Black Eyed Peas).

Thank you to those of you who’ve been with us going back to 2004. In between issues, keep an eye on for new interviews and reviews published daily. And yes, the rumors are true – Jason Derulo will be on our next cover.

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