iProng Magazine issue #59: David Gray, Apple iPad and more

As Steve Jobs pointed out this morning, we’re currently living at the intersection of art and technology – and this issue of iProng Magazine is a perfect example. One the one hand it’s got an interview with rock star David Gray, and on the other it’s got the lowdown on the newly unveiled Apple iPad, which among other things, is a groundbreaking new way to consume artistic content.

Then again, as a counterpoint, David’s cautionary take on technology like Twitter in our cover story interview provides an interesting contrast to the notion that more communication equals better communication – well, you’ll have to read it for yourself. He also talks about his new single Fugitive, which is his biggest hit song in years, as well as how he creates his songs in general.

In addition to the details and initial thoughts on the iPad, this issue also brings us reviews of four new apps that work with the iPhone, iPod touch, and ahem, the iPad – along with hands on reviews of several new iPod and iPhone accessories.

And because one music interview is never enough, this issue includes conversations with indie artists Lucy Schwartz (whose songs you’ve probably heard on TV and in movies) and Joséphine Ancelle (whose songs you’ve likely heard on podcasts).

We’ll be publishing more iPad-related coverage on our website all week, so keep your eyes glued to iProng.com for developing details.

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Bill Palmer
Bill Palmer is Editor in Chief of Beatweek Magazine. His editorial contributions include interviews with musicians and iPhone industry coverage.

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