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Lady GaGa’s chart dominating, Grammy winning, pop culture influencing rise to fame is made all the more remarkable by the fact that she’s managed to pull it off in a relatively short amount of time. Since her Beatweek Magazine cover story interview in January 2009 (the first time she ever appeared on the cover of a magazine), she’s since gone on to appear on the cover of other magazines including Rolling Stone and Cosmo while releasing her smash hit sophomore album The Fame Monster and embarking on The Fame Monster tour in 2010. Her hits include Just Dance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance, and Telephone (featuring Beyonce).

Lady GaGa interview – Beatweek Magazine – January 2009

When I caught up with Lady GaGa she explained that “The Fame” she named her record after is very different from the kind of fame that landed her on the cover of this magazine – and during our conversation she went out of her way to be overly complimentary to everyone from Freddie Mercury to New Kids on the Block to yours truly…

“The fame for me is something that really comes from within and is really deep inside me and my work, and it’s something that has infected me and my group of friends in the downtown scene for a really long time. Fame, which I’m experiencing now, is very different from the fame. The fame is when nobody knows who you are but everybody wants to know who you are. I still experience a lot of that…”

“If anything I really love it when I see that my music and my fashion is affecting pop culture…”

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