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About Beatweek Magazine…

Beatweek is a publication for technology, music, entertainment and social media lovers. Content includes interviews with musicians ranging from Paramore to Avril Lavigne, hands on review of new tech products, on site reports from CES and Macworld Expo and more. Beatweek.com is published daily.

Beatweek has been profiled by Businessweek and the New York Times, and our staff members have been quoted or featured in the Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Seattle Times and other publications.

Contact – [email protected] – 102 NE 2nd Street #222 Boca Raton FL 33432

Bill Palmer Editor and Founder – email

Daynah Morita Editor – emailTwitter

Dana Feldman Editor – emailFacebook

Natalie Gelman Editor – emailFacebook

Keri Franz Editor – emailFacebook

Chris Brogan Social Media Columnist – emailFacebook

Ed Kirk Beatweek logo design

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